LimeDesign concept | creative agency LimeDesign is a design studio which business strategy is to simplify complex ideas into exciting and fun solutions. In each project we put in all our energy, professionalism and quality, therefore the result for every client is unique and personalized. New challenges are what we love, and if you have an idea but you do not know how to realize it – we will take care and provide it.


We specialize and generate corporate identity solutions to create your company its own nature and identity. This is how we make your company different from other companies and it provides and creates a firm ground for positioning company on the market and future business development. Combining your expectations with our professional vision, collectively we will create brand identity for your company and full corporate identity.

We ensure any kind of visual design – raster and vector.
To each banner or poster we grant an individual vision because this is the right solution how to reach the highest evaluation among your competitors and it will help to get the potential customers attention.

If you have the product but you do not have the package, we are here to offer our creativity and creative approach in design development and in production. We are opened to offer ready packages in case you do not have time to create something new. Shapes of the product package and design works on customers with assistance of vision and touch, therefore both factors need to be the best quality.

We are doing 3D modelling for any of your ideas, therefore every desire could be realize in life with spatiality, which simplifies decision-making – do you see the result of the project in the way you expect. 

Animation and motion graphics

Motion gives your advertisement or web site a vitality and it attracts anybody who saw it. LimeDesign is designing and developing simple motion elements as well as GIF and Flash banners in varying levels of complexity.

Web design

LimeDesign marketing services are a unique tool which provides you with an additional opportunity to put an extra value to projects or services. On this step we avoid simple web page (web-site) making, putting maximum effort on the market analysis, identifying uniqueness of the project and providing a strategic marketing plan (SMP). We are specializing and we have years of experience in variety of designs and complexity of web page designing and programming, as well complex CRM and databases developing.

Application development

Social network is the right tool when in maximum speed you want to keep everybody up-to-date what is new in the company, about new products or services, even make new contacts and get extra customers and business partners. Our specialty is social media marketing campaign development, and collectively with the costumer we create the most effective way how to reach the highest results. Apple iOS and Android application (app) development is also one of our professional services we offer. We have successful experience in application development and therefore we can realize your ideas, improve with suggestions and develop applications in varying levels of complexity.

VIDEO poroduction and rendering

Video filming and producing for the company or its product / service promotion is exiting and interesting process as the result that sees board of the company, business partners and customers. LimeDesign will provide you with the scenario individually made for your case, complete filming process and techniques, as well as production and post production.

Interior projects and design

The environment where we are working, resting or partying has to be full of positive emotions and enjoyable for ourselves, because this is the key for the best ideas and highest results. Attractive, charming and modern created interior, which is on the same level as your company’s image, is able to create the success. Each project and design of the interior in our company is made individually with special attitude and accuracy so later you would be able to realize yourself and contribute the success.

plus video multimedia and photography